Define beauty on your own terms.
Define beauty on your own terms.
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Our Manifesto

ISHI is a sustainable, conscious and ethically minded small business.

We strive for the following:

To minimize environmental impact through sustainable practices

Handcrafting one off, unique and individual pieces

Designing jewelry that is made to last

Provide an alternative to mass produced and trend driven fashion

Prioritizing recycled and low waste processes

For our customer to feel confident in defining beauty on their own terms.


What's in a name?

ISHI, meaning 'stone' in japanese, is the strong name behind this ethically minded small business. Tara's japanese heritage has always been an inspiration in her daily life and designs. She dedicates this company to her late Obachan (grandmother), Alice, and her mother, Jenni.

Tara draws influence from the traditional Japanese aesthetics of 'wabi-sabi'. A concept derived from Buddhist teachings, centered around the acceptance of imperfection. "Characteristics of the wabi-sabi aesthetic include asymmetry, roughness, simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty, intimacy and appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes."

ISHI, also meaning 'intention or purpose' is what we thrive to instill in the wearer and our pieces.


Conscious design

ISHI was created by Tara Lawson, a designer and silversmith by trade. She explores her love of form and architecture by creating timeless & unique designs. Blending inspiration from art & nature into her love of jewelry making & design, Tara seeks to create one-of-a-kind handcrafted designs in small batches.

Designing purposeful one-of-a-kind pieces, Tara believes that our continued contribution to the world must be one with the least amount of environmental impact as possible.

ISHI customers can purchase our goods knowing where our product comes from and who makes it, all lending itself to a considered purchase and choice to buy from an ethically minded small business. ISHI is an alternative to mass produced and trend driven fast fashion.



In Tara's daily life, she strives to implement sustainable practices wherever possible. This is no different when it comes to her jewelry making.

ISHI uses recycled materials where possible and implements low and zero waste processes. These include:

Repurposing/melting down existing pieces and giving them new life

Buying already recycled materials

Melting down, or using as is, scraps for new designs.

ISHI believes these practices are not only beneficial for our planet but also our mindset and outlook.



Tara learnt traditional jewelry making techniques during her education in Melbourne, Australia. These practices are what she continues to use when handcrafting each individual piece of jewelry.

Tara hopes to keep her love of traditional practices alive, as well as perhaps inspiring others to delve deeper into these age old methods.

Tara recently found her love and flow in her wabi-sabi esque designs.